Community Values

Community Values

By participating in this platform and community, I willfully agree to honor these values to the best of my ability!

I recognize the strength and culture of this community is only as strong as our shared values and support of one another.

I will be kind, encouraging, respectful, and supportive with my fellow C2P explorers and pioneers. This means I will practice active listening, empathy, and asking permission before offering my advice or opinions to them.

I will keep what is shared between us confidential unless I have explicit permission to talk about what we’ve discussed as buddies, at base camp, or in group coaching calls.

The amount of time and effort I put into this C2P eCourse, community, and achieving my desired results is responsible for what I will get back.

I will seek the connection and support I need just as much as I will seek to contribute and add value to the community base camp, coaching calls, and buddy system. I will make this about serving the community first and foremost.

I dedicate our work of personal transformation together for the greater good so we can all be a greater force for the good of this world and those in it.

I will enjoy being a participant and a student of this course as well as the change process we seek together the best I can - I choose to have more fun, flexibility, and patience.

These are not just my intentions, they are my words of honor. By not honoring my word, I recognize that I not only cheat my community, but I also cheat myself.