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What is Rapid Trauma Resolution (RTR) and how does it work?

Developed by Dr. Jon Connelly, a licensed clinical social worker, RTR quickly and painlessly eliminates the effects of traumatic events using dynamic multilevel communication.  Stories, guided symbolic imagery, and other conversational and formal hypnotic tools are used to reach and reorganize the different facets of the mind. RTR resolves the root cause of traumatic issues and replaces negative patterns with positive actions. If you are looking to find clarity and peace of mind for issues or memories you find troubling, Rapid Trauma Resolution can make an incredible difference. You can achieve significant results in a single session and unwanted thoughts, behaviors, and feelings usually continue to clear up following the session. Depending on complexity and history, some clients may need up to 3 or 4 sessions for complete and lasting resolution for a given trauma.  Usually, however, multiple traumas can be resolved over the course of multiple sessions. Learn more about RTR from the Institute for Rapid Resolution Therapy.

RTR gets results as it:

• Engages all facets of the mind with profound connection using precise multi-level communication

• Opens a safe channel to the subconscious for positive change that lasts

• Exposes and eliminates unconscious conflicts blocking desired change

• Pinpoints the exact events needing to be cleared so that desired change(s) occur automatically

• Eliminates the effect of traumatic events even if they have been repressed or forgotten

• Promotes healing

• Stops self-destructive behavioral patterns

• Resolves multiple traumas in a single session

• Transforms your attitude, emotions, behavior, beliefs, expectations and perceived identity in a way so your life can once again be joyful and productive!


The goal is simple: to improve the quality of your life as quickly, permanently and painlessly as possible.

If you’re interested in working with me for relief from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or Conversion Disorder, please click on this link and fill out my Trauma Intake Form.  A copy will be emailed to me for my review which will help us prepare for a consult or session.

What do I mean by trauma?

Trauma can be an underlying cause for many of the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that trouble or hinder us.  Trauma is really anything continuing to have a negative effect on a person, even though the actual thing that was disturbing is no longer around, happening, or in existence.  It can range from something that was tragic and dramatic, isolated or repetitive, like rape, torture, or abuse, to any experience that was upsetting—even being made to spit your gum out by a teacher in front of the whole class at a young age.  It can be something a person is aware of (meaning that he or she remembers it consciously) or an event he/she may not consciously remember but that is still continuing to have an effect on his or her life in some way.

When there is lingering traumatic effects, the mind protectively scans for things that may have structural similarity—although no logical connection—to the original event. For example,  a combat veteran may instinctively hit the floor when he hears a firecracker, even on Fourth of July, because his mind associates the noise with gun shots.  A grown woman may feel slightly uncomfortable, without understanding why, every time she is around a certain coworker because his voice structure or body language bears some similarity to that of a bully’s who picked on her everyday in the fifth grade.

Trauma often results in “stuckness”: an inability to live fully present, move forward, or to successfully change your feelings, thoughts or behaviors and respond appropriately and proportionately to present or future events. RTR allows the mind to be organized and optimized. There are dramatic improvements in feelings and clarity of thought immediately, which improve or change desired behaviors.

If you are interested in Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapy and you’re looking for effective hypnotherapy in the Seattle area and are ready to get results, contact me to schedule an appointment. You can email me at kristin@mymindtalk.com or call 206-552-8374. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have before getting started.


My name is Irma I am an avid Ted x fan. I spoke at Ted x once and told a very inspiring story about moving to the US with dreams of having all the opportunities that citizens have here in the states. I mention a tragedy that my effected my life forever. The kidnapping of my newborn brother from the hospital some 50 years ago, how my parents did not speak English and therefore were unable to communicate their needs. My brother to this day has never been found. For this reason I chose to become a multilingual Healthcare interpreter. I want to be the voice for those who don’t speak the English language.

What I didn’t mention in my Ted x talk was that that my parents never got over this loss. My father became a functioning alcoholic that began molesting me at the age of three. Later, he began rapping me until about the age of 15. My father abused our family mentally, calling us names, spitting on our legs. He also would fire guns and rifles, shooting at cockroaches on the ceiling above our heads when he was angry. He abused my mom physically at times, dragging her from the bed at 3 in the morning and shoving her against the stove because he was hungry. Coming from a Mexican family it was dad’s belief that he was the king of the house and we were there to serve him. I married to escape his household and when I left I took all of this trauma and psychological baggage with me. I was always sad and depressed. We had three children and instead of being happy I continued to be depressed and did not enjoy intimacy with my husband which created 12 years of hell at home. One day, I knew I could no longer go on and continue living that way so I attempted to end my life. It was then that I was diagnosed with Major depression, PTSD, Anxiety disorder, Panic disorder, and continuous suicidal thoughts. For 25 years I went to psychiatrist after psychiatrist and was prescribed many medications but nothing helped. I had become a functioning empty person. I had suicidal thoughts all day, every day. I had gained 40 pounds; I had decided to move out of my home because I no longer wanted to fight over intimacy in our marriage. I was done. The only thing I had left was to wait for death.

Like I said before, I loved watching Tedx talks I would listen to one daily as I put on my makeup to go to work. My husband and I had talked and I told him “I have tried everything and nothing has worked” he interrupted and said “you haven’t tried hypnosis.” So the next day I looked for a Tedx talk on hypnosis and I heard Kristin Rivas’s story. I have always known that my problems were in my mind and so was Kristin’s but she was helped! She sounded sincere and spoke what was in her heart. I always showed my husband the Tedx talks that I thought were above and beyond the regular ones so I showed him Kristin’s talk. When he finished watching it he said “call her, make an appointment and book us a flight to Seattle. I was so eager and ready, I had no doubt that she would be the one to help me. So we made the arrangements and I spent a week under Kristin’s care.

The moment I saw Kristin smile at me as she approached me in the office I could feel at peace. She was down to earth and easy to speak with. She took me to a cozy dim room that added to the peace I was already feeling. We had consulted on the phone about my issues so we pretty much got started immediately. She took some time to explain hypnosis and how we could use it to help my mind release the trauma. Then I laid back in this very comfortable recliner. She offered me lavender oil to relax me, put on some calming ocean sounds and began to speak softly to me. I heard everything she said, I nodded when she asked any questions. There was never a time when I felt that I went to sleep, though I was relaxed and focused. I felt like I was fully participating in the hypnosis. When we were done I knew, I felt, that something was different something had changed.

My father had died never telling me the words “I’m sorry” or I’m proud of you.” In the first session we tackled my 12 years of sexual, mental and psychological abuse by my father. Kristin lead me to my first memory of the abuse and encouraged me to stop him before he abused me and tell him with a strong voice that what he was doing was wrong and disrespectful and that he was abusing his role as my father. Then she told me to notice my father‘s posture and see him looking down in shame and turn to me and say that I am right and he is wrong. I was finally given the gift of my father apologizing to ME! Telling me how proud he is of me, naming several things that I have achieved, telling me that I am strong and successful. It was very powerful and emotionally satisfying. This allowed me to have closure and lifted years of guilt, hurt, fear, and shame from my mind.

After this session I noticed that the depressive accusatory voices that kept telling me I should kill myself had disappeared. Before you take this action lightly let me explain, these voices were in my head 24/7 for 50 years almost like a constant static in my head. Everything I said and did was under the shadow of these voices telling me to kill myself. I am an author, a multilingual interpreter, mother of three adult children; I have a degree in psychology etc. Somehow I managed to achieve all this while fighting the constant voices. After one session the voices were gone. I’m still trying to get used to the peace and quietness in my mind. This was only the first session, I had 6 more to go.

Because I had 55 years of accumulated trauma I asked for seven sessions. I wanted to make sure that it was going to work. So we tackled an issue during each session. For example, my father’s sexual abuse, my relationship with my husband, money issues, weight issues, assertiveness etc. I happily spent my 55th birthday in sessions with Kristin knowing that I was giving myself the best present of all…a renewed mind.

I am happy to say that all the issues have been resolved and I am doing great. I’m losing weight effortlessly, I don’t hate myself anymore, my money issues are under control and quickly on my way to financial freedom, I am free from my father’s bondage. All has changed for the better. As for my marriage, I chose to only have healthy relationships and because of the issues in our marriage and unwillingness on my husband’s part to get help, I chose to go ahead and move out. While I am eternally grateful to him for getting me to Kristin, I will from now on chose only what is healthy for me.

The cost of the sessions, flight, and hotel was an investment I decided to make for the chance of being finally free from my traumatic past. The cost of working with Kristin was nothing compared to the cost of my suffering and years of ineffective treatment and medications. My family only knew a depressed and troubled soul for a mom. Now they giggle because they can’t get over seeing me laugh and have fun. My grandchildren 7, 11 months, and one on the way will experience a happy and free grandmother. Getting to enjoy the next half of my life…that’s priceless. – Irma, former client and happy grandmother 

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