Your Relationships

What affects does Emotional Intelligence
have on your Relationships?

How does Emotional Intelligence affect your relationships?

Relationships benefit when a person has developed a healthy ability to understand, communicate and manage their own feelings as well as discern, respond well to or influence the feelings of others.

Such high EQ skills make a person an ideal partner, parent, co-worker, team member, leader and friend. Well plenty of research makes it clear though you need to look no further than your own experiences.

Think about the people in your life that you respect and appreciate the most. Are they easy to get along with? Do they embody any of the following qualities such as authenticity, honesty, grace, care, clarity, decisiveness, patience and self control?

Now think about the people in your life who have been the most challenging to relate with. Do they seem prone to poor moods, detrimental habits and a lack of empathy?

Do they seem out of touch with themselves, others or an ability to prioritize what’s important? The amount of emotional intelligence skills people posses can make or break any relationship.

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