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Kristin Rivas' Story

Watch this TEDx Talk to learn about Kristin Rivas' Story. 

In Kristin's words:

Kristin Rivas' Story

When I was eighteen, my beloved older sister, Bethany, was killed by a drunk driver. My family and I were devastated by this tragedy—but it was several years before I realized its full effect on my life. During my senior year of college, I developed a serious, baffling illness that manifested in up to 9 non-epileptic seizure attacks each day. Over time, my seizures became so frequent and debilitating that I had to use a wheelchair to move around and wear a helmet to protect my head. After repeated CAT scans, EEGs, MRIs and other neurological testing, a Mayo Clinic neuropsychologist diagnosed me with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Conversion Disorder (also known as Functional Neurological Disoreder), and Major Depressive Disorder.

Medication, counseling and other forms of therapy were no help, and my illness swallowed nearly two years of my life. The treatment that changed everything was a single session of hypnotherapy. All my life-altering symptoms vanished after just one session of Rapid Trauma Resolution, which focused on processing the impact of my sister's death on my mind—and I was finally able to resume my own life.

I was so deeply affected by RTR and hypnotherapy that I made its study and practice my life's mission. After recovering my health in 2009, I studied with my former hypnotherapist and the founder of Rapid Trauma Resolution Therapy, Dr. Jon Connelly. Since then, I have also trained with internationally renowned master hypnotists, NLP practitioners and coaches including John Overdurf, Igor Ledochowski, Don Mottin, Noah Hammond, and Dr. Daniel Amen of the Amen Clinics. I continue to diversify my own skills and train others around the world, working to be the best possible hypnotherapist for my clients.

I moved to Seattle from Orlando, Florida, in 2010 to establish my practice. I love this city, and I'm blessed to be living my dream here of helping people overcome issues that have been holding them back. I have applied various hypnosis methods to support people in dealing with stress or pain management, recovering from heartbreak or profound traumas, breaking bad habits, losing weight, sleeping soundly, or overcoming fears.

I hope my own story will inspire you to open to the possibility of self-healing and to believe that profound life changes are possible. I look forward to finding solutions that will work for you.

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