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Does Hypnosis Work?

Here is what Kristin's clients have to say:

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"Simply put…Kristin is amazing…she does some of the finest work I am aware of in the areas of grief and rapid trauma resolution. I have been a professional hypnotist for over 15 years and I hired Kristin last year, specifically to teach me some of the cutting edge techniques that she mastered by working with the originator of the protocols.

You could and should think of Kristin as your “Realistic Magic Wand” those things in your life that you want (or want to be without) await you at your next evolution, and Kristin can help you access all the resources you need to get the results and outcomes that you are looking for…she is a Gem in the Hypnosis Industry. Your resolutions are just a phone call away."

Bob C. - Sarasota, FL

Does Hypnosis Work? Testimonials

"I have seen some wonderful results from my work with Kristin, many of which I didn’t expect. Things like realizing that my body is more relaxed, sleeping better, being more aware of my daily habits all the way to being more present and not dwelling on things that have already happened.

If you are thinking of hypnosis, I really can’t recommend her highly enough. I found her to be kind, knowledgeable and extremely generous with her knowledge. Give it a try!"

Sarah R. - Edmunds, WA


"I've been a fan of hypnotherapy and NLP for years. The sessions I have received have made a huge difference in softening my inner landscape and increasing my resilience. Yesterday I had a session in response to the neurotic looping I do in my head when someone in my community is expressing anger or disappointment toward me. The looping can last for days - weeks if it is bad enough.

Last night I received a message that usually would have sent me on the spin. Instead I re-centered, communicated with respect and boundaries, and then slept like a baby. This morning I feel whole, clear, safe, and powerful. I can see the situation clearly without a thick lens of guilt or blame. I feel so grateful for Kristin Rivas, my gifted hypnotherapist, and for the new found freedom I feel in this moment."

Hilery A. Seattle, WA


"I just want you to know that my session with you put a stop to the intense emotional response I was experiencing at the thought of moving out of state. I’m no longer crying all the time and feel I can be rational about a possible move. Hypnosis is very powerful and I’m immensely grateful for my transformation. Thank you so much!"

Linda Seattle, WA


"This September, my sister got married, and I made a speech at her wedding. I visited you for a treatment shortly before the wedding date to help me deal with public speaking anxiety, and was very unsure of how much of an impact a hypnosis treatment could make. Well, I was blown away. The speech went incredibly well, and I felt calm, spoke clearly, and even enjoyed myself! Shocker. I just wanted to make sure you knew how much of a positive impact you had on me. Thank you!"

Wendy L. Seattle, WA


"I watched Kristin’s presentation 'The Life Changing Power of Words TEDx Rainier' on video 3 weeks ago after a friend posted it on Facebook. I instantly went to Kirstin’s web site and booked a complimentary session at her office in Seattle. While at the session I liked what I heard and decided I had the time and money and wanted to do a full session that same day. Holy cow. Over the last 9 months I have done a lot of self development in various ways and methods.

THIS is the SINGLE most IMPACTFUL thing I have done.

We did a one time session and she didn’t pressure me to come back a bunch she just said see how you feel and call me in a couple weeks if you want to. Sometimes people just need one session. I have been SO productive in my work and I feel differently and act differently now about a personal situation I have had going on. I swear to you – she is PHENOMENAL and this stuff works.

I’d done hypnosis for small things in my past (over the last 10 years) and this was completely different. I also listen to the recording she sent me home with every 3 or so days because I love it. Her language, what she says, her examples, everything is just amazing to me. I want to write some of the words she uses on my mirror in the bathroom- they are that good. I find myself saying 'Damn she is good!' and 'I love this woman' as I listen to her work. She is so natural and doesn’t use scripts and I didn’t feel weird or uncomfortable at all.

Kristin and her work is literally a gift from God. If you have any opportunity to see her in Seattle at her office, I am sure it will change your life. I am amazed at the results and she has made a significant difference in my life and it was immediate. I definitely want to go back and tackle other things I want to improve in my life."

Hilery A. Seattle, WA


"I am 71 one years old and have had a fear of the dark for as long as I can remember. This phobia was annoying and did not fit with my self image of being a strong and capable person. A few years ago, I met a British doctor who used hypnosis in his practice. He made me think that hypnosis might be a real help for me. I learned about Kristin on the Internet and felt very positive about things on her web site. Her training, her story and connection with the Mayo Clinic, the testimonials and that she earns her living by hypnosis impressed me.

Several people had suggested that since I am a strong personality, I would not be able to go into a trance. As it turned out, I went into a trance easily and really enjoyed it. There was nothing scary as I trusted Kristin immediately. She made me comfortable, asked questions, explained the process, and put me at ease before starting. The trance was dream like but I heard everything Kristin said. I did not talk at all and found myself so relaxed that I could barely move. She guided me through some visual exercises and often repeated positive and affirming statements. When I nodded that I felt my work was done, I awakened easily.

Since our session, I have put myself through little tests of going into dark areas when I am alone at night. None of these things could I have done before my time with Kristin. Now they seem easy. I will continue to challenge myself as opportunities arise and would fine tune things with another session if needed. Hypnosis was a powerful and pleasurable experience for me. If something is hanging you up, consider hypnosis as a way to help. Kristin Rivas is a great hypnotist."

Marion Pacific Northwest


"I can’t say enough good things about Kristin’s work. I never thought I would go to a hypnotist for any reason, thinking that it would never work for me. I couldn’t have been more wrong!
And now I am forever thankful for the gifts that Kristin has to offer because she has beautifully changed my life for the better.

I was thinking about seeing a counselor again, a route I have taken plenty of times, to try to get help concerning the issues I deal with mentally, emotionally. But when my cousins told me about Kristin and the hypnotherapy work she does, and after checking out her wonderful informative website, I knew I had to give it a chance. Years and years of traditional talk therapy obviously were not doing the trick for me.


Kristin does indeed allow me to talk through anything and everything I want to, and is an amazing listener. She understands, and instantly makes me feel better about the challenges I am going through.

And not only is talking to Kristin extremely insightful, helpful and therapeutic, she helps me get relaxed enough to get into trance mode where we access my subconscious which is where some more awesome, healing, miraculous magic happens. I wholeheartedly recommend Mind Talk Hypnosis to anyone and everyone."

Ariane H. Seattle, WA


"I came in to see Kristin for help in overcoming my swimming fears.

Today was my second lesson since we did the hypnosis a week ago and I feel so much better, more relaxed and positive about my swimming. I kept imagining that I was swimming with the dolphins and that they were swimming along side of me and waiting for me at the deep end. Every time I had a negative or self-doubt thought, I just reminded myself that swimming also was fun and that I could choose to tune in to the loving energy (of the dolphins or Source) helping me with all my strokes. I stayed calm and reached for the joy in the moment. I’m now associating swimming and pleasure together!

She really helped me turn the swimming experience around. I thank her so much."

K.W. Seattle, WA


"My sessions with Kristin have quite literally changed my life. For decades I have suffered the aftershocks of a childhood trauma resulting in, what several physicians have diagnosed as, a psychosomatic illness. I’ve tried therapy, meds, prayer, everything under the sun and had never been able to kick it. That is until meeting Kristin.

Initially I was hesitant to meet with yet another therapist but Kristin came highly recommended by an ex-boyfriend. Within minutes of sitting down with her at the consultation, I felt at ease, safe and comfortable. During our hypnotherapy session we worked through a lifetime of haunting pain and somehow, miraculously, she removed the issue entirely from my mind and body.

It took me weeks to accept and embrace the changes that occurred within me – mind&body. An overwhelming struggle I’d been harboring my entire life was now contained, manageable and no longer preventing me from anything.

Saying Kristin is a fabulous, talented, caring hypnotherapist is an understatement! Kristin is, by far, a guardian angel."

Margaret Seattle, WA


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Even More Happy Clients:

(You can also read more reviews on Kristin's Hypnosis Services on Yelp!)

"I accepted a role in my company that required me to represent our company in front of large groups ranging from CEOs of fortune 100 companies to Congress. My first presentation was a disaster! I froze in the middle of the presentation and couldn't complete it. I attended sessions with personal development coaches and one-on-one training with my executive team and joined Toastmasters. All of these methods helped but didn't fully resolve the issue. I began exploring hypnosis as a possible solution but couldn't find a practitioner that was the right fit for me until I stumbled across Kristin's Tedx Talk. Her talk inspired me, and I quickly realized that Kristin was someone that I could connect with. 

I had reservations about hypnosis, what is it, how does it make a difference, is it real? In my first meeting with Kristin, she honestly and thoughtfully answered my questions and put me at ease. In our first session, Kristin worked to help me identify the root causes of my public speaking fears and provided me with visualization tools to help me overcome them. Subsequent sessions entailed more conversation, guided visualization, and tools to use in the real world. Kristin helped me to identify my barriers to speaking in public and provided me with visualization tools that I use to this day to overcome them. Kristin Rivas is a thoughtful consummate professional dedicated to your improvement. I credit her hypnotherapy for much of my success."

J. King, WA

"I came to see Kristin Rivas in hopes she could help me lose weight and to finally get on with my life after the betrayal of my husband who cheated on me, leaving me and my 3 children 6 years ago. Since then, I had turned to food as my comfort and gained nearly 30 pounds. Not only did she help me to overcome cravings and restore a healthy relationship with my eating habits, I also feel healed, not scared about what my ex-husband did and how his actions affected me and my family. We had 2 sessions together 5 months ago and I’ve already lost most of the weight."

Cheryl R., Kirkland, WA

"I was referred to Kristin Rivas in March 2013, through two professionals that my daughter knew, these gentlemen recommended only Kristin in the Seattle area. I became interested in hypnotherapy because I have been seriously overweight for the past few years and at age 68, carrying 320 lbs around is difficult and unhealthy. Coupled with lousy eating habits and a serious sleep disorder compound the problem. I just couldn’t overcome this complex problem. I had tried diets, deprivation and an array of pills that promise results. Finally, I enrolled in a class to introduce today’s invasive surgical options. None, of which, were appealing and they all have some health risk.

Because of my daughter’s experience in the holistic approach to health and through her guidance to Kristin’s door, I felt confident Kristin could help me. I approached the first session with no preconceived expectations. I came to do my part and to trust that after truthfully explaining my problems, she would know what to do. She was amazing, from the initial interview and throughout three consecutive sessions, she erased the spider-web of bad habits and mental roadblocks keeping me locked in this continuing circle of discouraging events preventing me from moving forward.

Kristin specifically helped me to increase my nightly sleep from less than two hours at a time, to four hours plus, which is amazing. That hasn’t happened in years, due to sleep apnea. My several bad eating habits have all vanished. I am losing weight now. In 17 days I have gone from 320 lbs. to 305 lbs., My blood pressure has decreased significantly, I have more energy as I lose weight. She has helped me to understand and use self-hypnosis to continue success in achieving my goals. The most incredible part to this story is that the transformation was so subtle and almost mystical, because what I previously thought I needed, merely vanished and the urges that seemed to control me were gone.

Folks, I should weigh between 160 and not more than 180 lbs.. I am now confident that due to Kristin and her talent, I will succeed in achieving that, as one of my goals. My family has noticed a completely different and motivated me. I must attribute this, in large part, to Kristin. If you are contemplating hypnotherapy as a solution to an issue, I can say with no hesitation, Kristin will carefully and skillfully strengthen the person you wish to be, so you may easily achieve what you are pursuing. You have the ability within you to do this. All you need is to place yourself confidently in Kristin’s hands so that she may guide you there. She did this for me and she can do this for you. At 68 years of age, I am beginning to live the dream."

Ronald Pooler, Seattle, WA

"It’s rare these days to find a product or service that absolutely exceeds what you were hoping for! That’s what I want to honestly say about Kristin Rivas and her hypnotherapy. I have been skeptical about the idea of hypnosis having any real benefit for myself other than “entertainment”. In a very professional and reassuring way, Kristin took me from a naive person who had lots of doubts, to a person with a new confidence in myself.

Since my session, I’ve had fresh outlook on issues in my life that used to pull me down and I felt trapped there. Not now! It was WELL worth the time and money to investigate the hypnotherapy offered by Kristin, and I look forward to future sessions with her to continue my inner restoration! My life is better and will continue to get better…including personal relationships and my job. Thank you Kristin!"

Clark R., Florida

"I heard about Kristin and her work through a friend who loved to listen to her show on the radio. I can not tell you how many years and forms of therapy I tried that left me disappointed with little to no lasting results for dealing with debilitating panic attacks I suffered since I was a freshman in college 12 years ago after a traumatic and tragic incident. I witnessed my best friend commit suicide and had been plagued by nightmares, depression, guilt, and anger as a result ever since that awful night.

When I first met Kristin in her office for a complimentary consultation, I could already tell that she was an extremely capable and compassionate healer. I could tell that she was different from others I had trusted to help me with this issue. I was surprised when she confidently stated that she believed I would be set and untroubled with this incident and the effects it was having on my life could be resolved within 1 to 3 sessions. After she took the time to explain the process and methods she used, answering any questions I had, I felt comfortable to schedule a session as soon as she could fit me into her schedule.

The session was very educational and conversational. I felt completely comfortable and at ease with her and the process even when we were addressing the most intense parts of my long held pain, which ended up being only briefly and in the most gentle way I have ever experienced. I knew that how I felt about what happened was different and for the better and that I was free to move on in a healthy way after about only 90 minutes of being with her.

It has been 3 months since that time and my life has completely changed. I sleep like a rock! I haven’t had any anxiety, I’m thinking more clearly, relating to myself and others better, I have more peace and feel more present than I’ve ever have in my life. I owe it all to her skillful guidance to finally overcome what troubled me for so many years."

Amanda B., Seattle, WA

"From the time I was a child, as far as I can remember, I struggled with social situations and just with my self in general. I guess you could call it social anxiety but it was also the problem of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin no matter who I was with or what I was doing.”

I happened to hear Kristin’s program on KKNW on my way to work one morning and the things she was saying about how we have the ability to change, that there is a better way to live, caught my attention. I booked a consultation, which thankfully was free of charge since I had a lot of questions about hypnosis and how it could help me particularly with self confidence and my social phobias.

We met and she explained how hypnosis could work for all of it. We had a session that lasted about 2 hours. Since then the change in me might be hard to explain since it’s like I’ve actually become who I’ve always truly been. I feel free to be me and happy about who I am and that doesn’t change in any context. I feel peaceful, confident, and clear whether I’m alone, working, with friends or family or even meeting new people."

Dave C., Seattle, WA

"I came to see Kristin primarily for help dealing with social anxiety – especially in work related interactions. I have always been hesitant to speak out in groups but over the years this hesitation morphed into full blown panic attacks that would arise whenever I had to introduce myself, talk during a meeting, or give a formal presentation. I avoided group interactions and took medication to calm the physical symptoms when avoidance wasn’t possible. For years I had felt like an imposter at work despite the fact my performance ratings were high and feedback from managers and colleges was very good. But inwardly I saw nothing but my faults and flaws. I agonized over each decision I had to make and criticized myself mercilessly for every real or imagined mistake no matter how small. I knew that this inner, critical voice was feeding my social anxiety and even had a good idea why I was so self-critical, but intellectual knowledge of my emotional responses didn’t change them. When I was laid off from my job and facing the terrifying prospect of interviews with strangers I knew that I needed to get help dealing with the fears that I felt were creating both social anxiety and my negative, judgmental self-image.

I choose to work with Kristin and felt good about seeing her for several reasons. I looked at websites and reviews of several hypnotherapists, including some that were in more convenient locations than Kristin. I found Kristin’s personal story very compelling and was impressed by the fact that she was willing to post details of her own experience on her website. That suggested that she would be able to create an open, trusting environment and I needed that in order to be comfortable enough to give hypnotherapy a try.

Our sessions were very soothing, pleasant experiences. I had to let go of the idea of that I would go completely “under” the way you see on TV and in movies and that I wouldn’t be aware or remember anything that happened. I was always aware of her voice, of my body, my thoughts and emotions. I have been conditioned to try and suppress strong emotions so I was surprised by how easy it was to access my emotions. Emotions and memories rose quickly to the surface and could be very intense but not in a threatening or overwhelming way. I always felt safe during the sessions.

I have been on several job interviews since our time together and have experienced a normal level of nervousness as opposed to heart pounding panic. To my great relief I no longer have a critical, judging voice constantly playing in my head highlighting everything I have done or might do wrong. I am much more comfortable with myself and find that being comfortable with myself makes me comfortable with other people as well.

I struggled for years to overcome the fears and anxieties that were plaguing me but was not able to do it on my own. Kirstin was able to help me examine, understand, and reframe the events and ideas that created and fed those fears and this has transformed my life."

Tammie, Seattle, WA

"Simply put…Kristin is amazing…she does some of the finest work I am aware of in the areas of grief and rapid trauma resolution. I have been a professional hypnotist for over 15 years and I hired Kristin last year, specifically to teach me some of the cutting edge techniques that she mastered by working with the originator of the protocols.

She has helped me over come some issues I was dealing with (the breakup of a longterm romantic relationship) and I find her style empowering, engaging and effortless. While her specific expertise is in some of the most advanced techniques available anywhere and for any price, she is naturally able to help with “less complicated” issues as well.

You could and should think of Kristin as your “Realistic Magic Wand” those things in your life that you want (or want to be without) await you at your next evolution, and Kristin can help you access all the resources you need to get the results and outcomes that you are looking for…she is a Gem in the Hypnosis Industry. Your resolutions are just a phone call away."

Bob C., Sarasota, FL

"I am deeply grateful to Kristin for the help she gave me. The session was relaxed and comfortable, but the results were tremendous, and to my surprise, my symptoms continued to improve even more with time.

It was hard to believe that in the brief time Kristin worked with me, she was able to help me overcome emotions I had struggled with repeatedly for years. Although certain situations which reminded me of my deceased daughter had repeatedly triggered feelings of deep grief and sad memories, after Kristin worked with me, the same situations no longer triggered grief. In fact, I was shocked to discover that I was actually able to smile again and enjoy the memories.

For years I had been skeptical about hypnosis, but I can say from personal experience…it works!"

Sharon R., Florida

"I have tried cognitive behavioral therapy in the past, as well as attempts at meditation to try to deal with my anxiety and physical symptoms surrounding some trauma related to an emotionally abusive alcoholic parent as well as a loss I experienced in my childhood, but I would still get physical symptoms and "get stuck" in the feelings of returning to the traumatic experience, no matter what I tried.

Someone in my family had great results with Kristin, and knowing that she was able to achieve what she needed after having gone through some similar experiences, I was interested in giving hypnotherapy with Kristin a try.

The experience I had was nothing short of incredible. Kristin is so gifted in that she can use the beauty of words, relaxation and her vast experience helping people reframe their traumas in a way that, for lack of a better way to put it, just doesn't cause as much pain, anxiety and suffering. Kristin is a gentle caring person who truly understands what it is like to come to go through this process, as she has been there and done it herself, before she became a practitioner. She is amazingly intuitive and helps you guide yourself to the place you need to get to, to help release many of the toxic emotions that may be surrounding an issue, even if it is something you've been dealing with for years.

My sessions with Kristin have helped me release so much of the anxiety and physical symptoms that I had (IBS, back pain, nausea) in response to interactions and trying to have a relationship with my father. It has allowed me to finally come to terms with the loss of someone very close to me at a young age. I was able to leave with more clarity, focus, intent, positivity and most of all, I could not even produce a physically anxious response after the session even when I tried...it was amazing.

Hypnotherapy is still not a very well understood modality in this country, in part, because people associate it with "being put under" or not being in control, or not remembering what happens during a session. Instead, what I've found, is that during our sessions, I am more aware, more present, more open and more successful in tapping in to what is truly causing me pain. The sessions are relaxing, comforting, positive, and I leave feeling renewed and hopeful. Kristin is a gift to people everywhere because she provides this amazing service that can change your life and improve your well-being often after only one session. I cannot say enough great things about her, and would recommend her to anyone looking to release trauma, heal past (or present) emotional wounds, deal with grief, physical pain, or to address any life issues, really. Check her out for yourself-you won't regret it!"  

Laura D., Seattle, WA 1/9/2016

The following was written to me by a client I saw for 4 sessions to clear the trauma from past medical procedures (which left her with White Coat Syndrome or a fear of doctors) and prepare her for the In Vitro Fertilization procedures needed to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother.

"Dear Kristin,

I have exciting news to report today!  My husband and I went in for our second blood test this morning.  We are very pregnant!  The baby is growing quickly and everything is progressing beautifully!  The whole experience was amazing.  I felt very calm during the transfer.  I held my husband's hand and looked into his eyes while they placed the egg in my womb.  There were tears of joy and I wasn't afraid for a second.  We are so full of love and happiness!

Working with you and processing the trauma have changed my life in ways that I didn't realize were possible.  I speak up for myself and I'm not so quick to take things personally.  I don't startle easily anymore.  I have an overall sense of peace, calm, and joy in my life.  I listen to your meditations daily and I'm reading Nonviolent Communication to help strengthen my new gifts.  Thank you so much!  I am incredibly grateful to have met you."

A happy client, Seattle, WA 1/11/2016

I had a great session. I'm feeling more capable in my studies and hope to continue the good work.

A happy client, Seattle, WA 8/19/2015

Kristin, you made it so easy to talk and listen. Today is only the first day after my session with you and things are already better. I can't wait to go through all the rest of my days this week to find out what else has improved for me!

A happy client, Seattle, WA 8/23/2015

Thank you so much for taking the (extra) time to make sure all my concerns were heard and for being abundantly clear on what to expect, how it would work, and generally communicating everything that would happen, and again with the very clear recap. I'm so happy to have had this experience and look forward to the progress to follow in the next few weeks.

A happy client, Seattle, WA 9/25/2015

I'm very grateful to have met you, and I cant wait to see you again whenever that may be. I believe that you have helped me in a way that no supplement or prescription could have. Thank you!

A happy client, Seattle, WA 12/11/2015

Kristin, you are truly wonderful. Within a day I was expressing myself differently that even my mom commented. I'm looking so forward to diving into these recommendations and only improving. I appreciate you attentiveness and insight. Your ability to express care and create a safe environment made me feel welcome. You helped me see things from a different perspective. Thank you.

A happy client, Seattle, WA 1/12/2016

Kristin is remarkably bright, knowledgeable and empathetic.

A happy client, Seattle, WA 1/28/2016

It was such a pleasure meeting you. I am feeling much better already and eager for our next session. I especially appreciated your blend of skillfulness, empathy and warmth.

A happy client, Seattle, WA 2/22/2016

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