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There may be many people who claim to write the #1 Hypnosis Blog and that's ok. You should read them all because this information is important. This blog, however, is a series of articles that have been written and curated by a Top Certified Brain Health Coach and Hypnotherapist, Kristin Rivas. With over 10 years of experience and working with more than 3000 clients, Kristin shares her expertise and insight on a wide range of issues, from weight loss to surviving a suicide attempt. Some of you may want us to call this blog world reknown, and we won't be mad at you for that. Some of you may even be wondering if the Pulitzer is in the mail...and to that we assume that the USPS is probably just taking the scenic route. If you've ever wondered if hypnotherapy could be a spiritual experience or if you're looking for guidance on how to move through the stages of grief, then this Hypnosis Blog may have some of the answers you seek. If you would like Kristin to write about a specific topic or you would like your words to be featured here, please reach out. Click here to connect with us

If you get tired of reading and would rather listen to Kristin's guided meditations be sure to check out her products page for downloadable meditations that you can take with you anywhere. It is advised NOT to listen to them while operating an automobile or other heavy machinery. Kristin is a professional at putting people into very restful mind states. 

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