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I specialize in helping people improve their lives with the natural healing power of words. As a certified Hypnotist, and Brain Health Coach - I've got a variety of powerful tools to ensure my clients get results.

I've spent more than a decade creating breakthroughs for people like you. I've helped over 4,000 clients transform their personal and professional lives to create better health and well being.

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My methods work extremely well, even remotely, as long as you have a private, comfortable setting where you won't be disturbed during our time together. I've been a provider of convenient and effective remote sessions since 2013.

Guided Meditations

Repeatedly focusing on positive suggestions and visualizations are a tried and true method for personal growth. Plus it's pleasant and relaxing. For natural stress relief and a taste of sessions ordered "To-Go" ;) please visit my store. I'm sure you'll find something there you'll enjoy.

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If you're interested in benefiting from teaching tales taken out of my personal life and my work with clients over the years, my blog is where it's at. I also write about things that have benefited me like my favorite books, tools, tips, products, events, etc.

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More like a 30 minute, fully produced movie, my Guideline To Managing Emotions Masterclass teaches you three keys to self regulating that apply to both youth and adults. Consider it a cheat code to boosting emotional intelligence skills.

My Blog

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February 16, 2023

Hello, my name is Shaun Hamilton and my wife Kristin is a survivor of sexual violence. It’s a difficult topic to talk about, but one that must be addressed if we hope to make progress in helping survivors heal and move forward. I wrote “When Your Partner Says #MeToo: Your Role and Responsibilities In Their

February 13, 2023

Whether you’re simply wanting to deepen and strengthen your current relationship, or you’re trying to save a relationship that seems to be falling apart, this journaling exercise will help you gain insight into your own patterns, your partner’s patterns, and the patterns that show up in your relationship. When we have clearer knowledge about ourselves, we

February 9, 2023

Time To Get Off The Struggle Bus!Are you attracted to someone but aren’t getting the same level of interest in return?Do you keep spinning on the merry go round of a toxic relationship?Is it time to break it off with with a person you can tell is not the best fit for you?This journaling exercise

February 6, 2023

Processing A Break UpIf you’re in any way like me after a break up, life seems unpredictable — at least for a little while. I don’t know what my mood is going to be like.Will I be able to concentrate enough to be present at work, or am I going to suddenly break down crying?

February 2, 2023

If you’ve got a bad case of the “should’ve”, “could’ve”, “would’ve’s”… Thoughts on repeat saying “If only I’d done ____ instead!” – or as Zig Ziglar would say “stinkin thinkin”, pay close attention! Because beating yourself up doesn’t do anyone any good. Guilt and shame, in other words, are worse than useless.When we wallow in

January 30, 2023

What Does It Mean To Be A Leader?Leadership entails more than just having a title, position, or confidence. Honesty, courage, intelligence, empathy, coachability, and decisiveness are essential qualities that any leader should possess. Most adults see these traits as absolutely necessary for successful leaders, no matter their gender.Being a great, effective leader is about more

About Me.

I specialize in helping people recover their lives from the most difficult circumstances. As a team we collaborate to do this as quickly and painlessly as possible. As a hypnotist, and Brain Health Coach, I’m dedicated to helping you thrive! I’m especially humbled and grateful to have recovered from a debilitating illness and been given the opportunity to share my story through a TEDx talk that’s impacted over a million people.

They Say


Personal Trainer

"My job has been so much fun since I started my journey with Kristin. She gave me simple, effective ways to instantly transform my own perspective and attitude.

I don't know how to describe it, but my life has been much more awesome since I began learning from her. I look forward to exploring even further with Kristin!"


Real Estate Agent

"I have seen some wonderful results from improving my emotional intelligence, many of which I didn’t expect.

Things like realizing that my body is more relaxed, I'm sleeping better, and being more aware of my daily habits all the way to being more present and not dwelling on things that have already happened.

I really can’t recommend Kristin highly enough. I found her to be kind, knowledgeable and extremely generous with her knowledge. Give it a try!"

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I'd be honored to see how I can serve you. Enter your email and schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consult with me right now!